The Kornblith Data Science lab is looking to solve complex real-world clinical problems with elegant and innovative technological solutions. The lab is a multidisciplinary collaborative of individuals all working toward a common goal, to improve the care of sick and injured children.

Dr. Kornblith has significant experience working and mentoring learners from various disciplines. He has served as a capstone project mentor for the UCSF-UC Berkeley Masters in Translational Medicine program, led a multi-disciplinary team through product development, and has received numerous teaching awards for his innovative and clear communication style. Dr. Kornblith values creativity, personal growth, grit, and collaboration.  

The Kornblith Data Science lab is looking for motivated individuals that are willing to put their personal skills, passions, and expertise into improving the care of injured children. 


The Kornblith Data Science lab is founded on the spirit of altruism. We seek to train and inspire those with a growing passion for improving healthcare. Our lab is looking for motivated individuals who are willing to solve difficult clinical problems through research and discovery. We offer mentorship opportunities to individuals from diverse disciplines, including pre-medical/pre-healthcare, bioengineering, mechanical engineering, communications, design, and more.